Read what Diane’s clients are saying about her:

Every class Diane teaches is well organized and very interesting. She is not only a great speaker but a very inspirational woman.”
Stephanie W. – Massage Therapist

Diane is passionate with a high sensitivity level. She is extremely dedicated to her work work and lives the adage that “everything is possible”. She exudes a quiet confidence that is readily transferred to her clients and she is oftentimes at the center of and the impetus for the transformative attitudes of her clients. Simply put, she is a really skilled, capable, competent and compassionate person who is an inspiration to all. Arthur Kohler, General Counsel at National Legal Systems


“I am person who is not comfortable dancing. I signed up to participate in  while keeping an open mind as what to expect. I am so happy that I took the leap.
Diane was the perfect person to guide the group into experiencing mindful awareness through music. Her expertise and enthusiasm lead us through an afternoon of dancing. The  session was a fun, no pressure, at your own pace, healing, rhythmic, and joyful experience. I left the session feeling empowered and peaceful.
It was an enlightening and healing afternoon and I look forward to the next time that I, ” Dance as if No One Is Watching”.
– Mary

“I’ve always enjoyed dancing and before this class I had the mind set, that I in needed to be with a pretty partner.
I went to the first  class after a long bout of depression from a divorce that just didn’t seem like it would end.  The anxiety and racing thoughts of whom I thought was my partner and the realization that I had no partner took me to an apiffany of transition.  I decided to dance alone, yet in the presence of other people.  So I danced and let go.
I actually am interested in dancing more, the group has become my surrogate partner.  I look forward to the next class and like Bob Marley once said.  “Don’t worry about a thing.”. I freely can dance and not worry about the other person.”

“Diane enthusiastically meets her students where they are and presents realistic ways to meet individual goals”.

“I have been alone and trying to work things out. This class gave me a chance to move out of isolation and learn that it’s okay to love myself and just be. Thank you for your inspiration.

“As I danced mindful at the recent Event I was reminded that dance is my way of connecting with Spirit and celebrating all the love that is in and around me.”
Gail Hernandez

I truly enjoyed dancing at the Event that was held and look forward to doing so again in the near future.

“Diane has been a valuable asset in my desire to improve the quality of my life. I have tried many modalities and services, but have continually experienced the greatest results from with Diane Gelinas.”
Diane F. – Business Professional

“Diane has great intuition and understands how to help her clients to grow and be at peace with who they are and who they want to be.
Maureen Persijn, Holistic Aesthetician

Diane is highly educated and I have used her as well as referred business.  I have taken classes at A Step Forward and have gotten very good results. I have never had any of my own clients come back with any negative feedback either. I will continue to refer business to Diane. She is a pleasure to work with and a wealth of knowledge.
Sheila Clifford, LMT, CEMT, CCMT,
Self Employed at Sheila Clifford, LMT


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