Diane’s Background


Diane her Masters in Social Work from Springfield College and her Bachelors in Sociology with a Social Work Emphasis, from the University of Idaho where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.  In 1988, Diane received statewide recognition as the recipient of the New Hampshire Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, “Student of the Year” award.

For over fifteen years she was a hospice worker and later a Hospice Director.  During her hospice years she felt honored that she could help clients transition during the dying process.  In 2009, she founded a Wellness practice, A Step Forward LLC.  Workshop participants that attended classes were afforded the benefit of her additional knowledge in the field of holistic health, death and dying, healing, counseling and the mind – body – spirit connection.  During the early years of her private practice she also worked as an adjunct college professor.  Her teaching spans over a twenty- five-year period at various institutions such as the University of New Hampshire, Springfield College and New Hampshire Technical Institute.

Although she had been practicing meditation and teaching workshops for over 20 years on various meditation techniques, Diane took additional training in Transcendental Meditation and also received her certification in Transcendental Meditation. She also had an interest in Tapping Therapy and she has an Advanced Certification in Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig.

Diane taught and offered other alternative medicine services for several years, however, made the decision in 2017 to discontinue their practice when she rededicated her life to Christ.

Her strong faith and Christian beliefs are the focus of her work now and she no longer practices  any thing associated with the New Age, New Thought, Holistic Health Area.  The next two pages contain more information on this as well as her testimony.  There is also a Resource Page on this website that contains information and material that will be helpful to view and read.

She is semi-retired now but does still have Dancing Prayer classes upon request.  She became a Certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator in October of 2012.   Diane developed her own Dance Style Class with a Christian focus in 2017.

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