Diane’s Approach

Diane offers a heart centered, non-judgmental approach helping others realized they are Loved and helping them to focus on Loving God and Loving Others.
Diane has always had a passion for teaching whether it be in a formal setting or as a mentor and she believes firmly in two rules of teaching:

*We learn just as much from the student.

*We can see God in everyone and everything and we can learn from this and share this with others.

Diane use her high energy and enthusiasm to motivate and inspire clients.  She firmly believes in the power of humor and laughter in the healing process.  However, being a student and teacher of Meditation for over twenty years, she is also able to engage a room or client very quickly into very peaceful, serene calm state.  In a Dancing Mindfulness Class, she is able to get the students to “be in the moment” and notice their breath and the movement of their feet on the dance floor and then the next moment they may be jumping up and down to a jazz tune.

During her “healing sabbatical”  when she closed down her Wellness Practice (2012) to concentrate on recovering from Chronic Lyme Disease, she explored more deeply some of the alternative healing approaches and/or “New Age” practices that she had utilized to some degree in her practice over the years.  The result of this journey and exploration has been life changing.


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