Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Lyme Disease Resources 

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International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society ( This is a reliable site for information on Chronic Lyme.  It is one of the best professional organizations and it has Lyme Literate Researchers, Health Care Professionals, and Physicians.

Tick Borne Alliance ( Excellent site for information on Prevention, Treatment, Diagnosis, Research, Advocacy, and general information.

Lyme Less Live More ( Dana Walsh featured in the documentary Under Our Skin, and Brent Martin, bring their expertise together to provide excellent  panels presentations and teleconference calls  on effective techniques on living with a Chronic Illness.

Lyme Thriving with Jenny Rush ( Provides excellent Facebook support and free Teleconference Calls.  Also organizes retreats.

Why do those with Lyme Disease become estranged? Website and Blog.

IGeneX, Inc., Reference Laboratory ( is pleased to present this Web site. It is for health professionals and patients alike to better understand our laboratory assays for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.
Read carefully.  This is one of the few places in the country that can do accurate testing for Chronic Lyme.  It will explain why local tests that are done in local labs will not pick up Lyme disease most of the time or may not be accurate.

Advocacy, Education & Research (Lyme A multitude of additional links to reference.

Lymeless & Lovely, a blog (http://lymelessandlovely) A journey to achieving complete health and wellness.

Video of Yolanda H. Foster accepting the Star Light Award at the Lyme Research Alliance Gala

Under Our Skin (  This is a MUST see. Order and watch with your family and friends, and to get on their mailing list.  Click Here to see the trailers (at bottom of that page).  This film often can be found on Amazon Prime Movies and Netflex.


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